Its official….I AM A WORKING MOMMY! I officially fit the title of this blog. I had my gorgeous son (seriously he is fabulous) October 21st and did my first run back at work for two days in December. I know that women have many different reactions but most women told me how hard it was for them and I realize something.

I must be different.

I did not cry, I did not have a meltdown, I did not check in with the babysitter every hour. Instead I had a wonderful day back at a career that I love and showed off pictures of my beautiful son all day while catching up with my job.

It’s funny because maybe I should feel different because it seems like most women do not believe me. I get these looks like “are you sure you are ok being away from Max?” “It’s ok to cry if you need too.” It made me realize that I am different.

I do not mind this actually I am proud to say that I love having it all. I have my amazing son, sexy, supportive husband and a job that offers me adult stimulation. To me the first three months were amazing but if I am being truly honest with my ladies…extremely boring. Sleep, poop, eat, cry repeat. That was my life add in breastfeeding and that is my day. Do not get me wrong I love Maximus and being his mom but day in and day out I cannot just be a mom.

I give so much credit to Stay at home mom’s and think it is a tough job but for me it is not for me. I found myself starting to talk to my husband like a child and missing work. I can’t believe I am saying that out loud.


I sit back and wonder why some women love to stay home and others do not. What makes a woman want to be a stay at home mom (beyond having no choice) and those who want to go back and I realize where my want to work comes from.


My mother was my hero and she was a mother of four, wife and had a career in Graphic Design. She is my best friend and if I could be half the mother she is my children will be amazing. All of her daughters have or are going to college, no drug problems, and are overall great. We are super close and have wonderful relationships with each other. I did not, not know she was my mother, I did not call my nanny “Mom”, I do not have emotional issues as a matter a fact I am quite the opposite. I am best friends with my mom, went to graduate school for Molecular Biology and have wonderful family and friends. So I look at my Mom and realize I can have it all and I should not feel bad.

Which is why I do not feel bad when I drop my gorgeous son off, I miss him and think of him but Mommy is much happier with challenges and adult conversations which I think and hope it will make me be an amazing mother like my mom.

So to all of those mothers out there that feel bad or guilty.


I love my mother who worked and I turned out pretty darn cool. Well at least my mommy tells me so.

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