I was at the grocery store today and needed something to make for my daughter for dinner. We’ve moved beyond purees and she can now enjoy larger chunks of food, and I find it difficult sometimes to find a fruit or veggie that’s easy for her to grasp with her tiny hands.

As I wandered the produce aisles, I came across fresh sweet potatoes, cut into perfect strips and ready for roasting as fries. Perfect! I thought, she can hold these in her hand and gum at them once I cook them. Yes, I’m paying more for packaging and the convenience of them pre-sliced, but this is just the sort of shortcut that I find worth it – I can’t beat how easy it is and besides, have you ever tried to slice up an uncooked sweet potato? Those suckers are as hard as rocks!

It got me thinking about what other shortcuts I use on a regular basis to make life just a bit easier. A couple more of my favorites:

    • To get teeny tiny baby socks on to wiggly baby feet, turn the sock inside out and stick your fingers into the toes. Grab your baby’s toes through the sock and, while continuing to hold on, flip the sock right side out. This super quick method helps wrangle their often-flailing feet!
  • I’ve rekindled my love for the slow cooker. I love preparing home-cooked meals for my family, but when my sweet girl only sleeps a half hour at a time for naps, I’m often choosing between a shower and getting some work done while she sleeps. Forget prepping a meal (or a much-needed extra cup of coffee. Has anyone ever chosen that extra cup of coffee over a shower when feeling particularly desperate for a pick me up? I have!).But, even when pressed for time, I do have time to throw a few ingredients into the slow cooker during her first nap of the day, and then I can forget about it for the rest of the day. We can then enjoy a hot, home cooked meal together in the evening, something that used to seem like such a luxury until I rediscovered this shortcut.

What shortcuts get you through the workweek and make your life easier? Please share, I’m sure we busy working moms could benefit from each other’s wisdom and experience!


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