For the past month or so I’ve been noticing that I’m comparing my 7 month old baby’s development to lots of other babies in her age range, and it’s driving me nutty. I look at these other babies and wonder if mine is behind. She sits up but you still have to watch her because she falls backwards, she’s not crawling, has no teeth, doesn’t understand clapping things together and is perfectly content rolling around and occasionally licking the hardwood floor.

What she is however is loveable, loving, happy, a ham, bright-eyed, snuggly and just all around awesome. Why do I keep torturing myself by comparing her to other babies? I know I need to stop but it’s hard to see other babies that are the same age that are doing so much more! I know babies develop in their own timeframe and I’m sure nothing is wrong (sort-of).

What is going on with me? I keep worrying that she’s behind, which rationally I know is ridiculous but emotionally I find myself having anxiety about it.

I am in need of support!!

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