Good Monday Morning, Mamas! Monday is a GREAT day to look for the Magic, dont’cha think? Here’s mine:

* A relaxing weekend with just the family.

* Running on Saturday morning ~ it was early, it was cold, and I had the woods all to myself!

* Exercising with my boys yesterday, while holding my baby (he LOVES jumping jacks and absolutely squealed in delight!) ๐Ÿ™‚

* My dear hubby’s homemade chili!

* My 3 year old turned FOUR on Thursday!! We were all very excited as 3 has been a challenging age for him/us. I had an epiphany on Thursday night about his behavior ~ once he started being “annoying” I treated him as he was annoying all the time, even when he wasn’t. So perhaps if I stop treating him as annoying he won’t be annoying anymore. It was a great big shift for me, and I feel able to LOVE more fully, and indeed our relationship has changed since he turned 4 ~ but it’s because of a change in ME, not in him..and wow, that’s empowering!

* Taking advantage of being up EARLY this morning with the babe ย and getting a lot done ~ a load of laundry, cleaned my closet a bit, put away baby clothes that no longer fit, made some juice. I’m VERY impressed with myself!

* Receiving a LOVELY gift from our LOVELY Michelle in the mail last week! Thank you again, Dear Sister!

* Being DETERMINED to fit into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans by this Friday (actually they are post-pregnancy jeans from my 2nd son and still 2 sizes bigger than what I usually wear ~ so it’s entirely feasible that I’ll fit into them in a few days. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Wish me luck!

What’s so magical about your Monday?


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