“How much playtime do children need? Pediatric experts recommend that preschoolers get 90 to 120 minutes of gross motor activity daily, and be taken outdoors twice a day. But Copeland found that children spent only 2 to 3% of their time engrossed in vigorous play during an 8 hour day in child care.”

From CNN article “Playtime for Preschoolers Essential, Study Says”

What does your preschooler’s day look like?

With winter upon us, albeit a warm one, it can be hard to meet the guidelines endorsed by the AAP as the amount of gross motor play time necessary for preschoolers ages 3-5. It turns out, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Only 2-3% are meeting this recommendation in childcare settings. Turns out, parents are more concerned with “what their children were learning than about whether they went outside and mastered fundamental gross motor skills”. So what does a day in quality childcare look like for a preschooler? As a mom, what do you want your childcare provider to focus on? School prep activities? Gross motor? Socialization? New experiences? Is this recommendation reasonable? I’d love to know your thoughts on this!


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