We have finally Weaned! ~ My little man has just turned 17 months and we have been slowing down and cutting back for the past few months.  I thought we would stop at a year but it worked for us so I kept going.  But when your little one can point and demand “Mulk” and say boobie well yeah it felt like we were approaching the end – plus lets face it he has 14 teeth now including 4 of those are molars.  So we had already widdled down to nursing only in the morning and before bed and two weeks before Christmas I cut out the morning feeding.  I think losing that morning nursing session was harder on me then him – my poor breasts were sore at work and so fill by the time the evening feeding rolled around, but my body adjusted and I was planning for the next hurdle, cutting out the night feeding. 

I had a small stay at home vacation planned for the Christmas holiday and decided we would try to tackle ending the night feeding  and slowly wean off breastfeeding.  To my surprise I came down with bacterial pneumonia two days after Christmas (still recouping from it ) and that and medicine took care of the weaning for me and little man.  We had no choice – momma had to go on strong antibiotics and steroid inhalers and you can not breastfeed on them.   So it was both a blessing and heartache in disguise.   Blessing – it sort of took the band-aid ripping approach to weaning and there was no looking back or caving in allowed – I could not let him nurse.   Heartache, I say because I secretly miss our special time together just before he would go to sleep – it really is a strong bonding experience.   Don’t get me wrong he still asks for “Mulk” from mommy now and then but he is getting use to the fact that nope mommy’s milk is all gone…. (for the most part still dealing with the drying up part)

It’s funny how you plan for something to go a certain way and life throws you a curve ball and it goes a whole different way. 

Well there’s no looking back we are over breastfeeding and completely on sippy cups.  I am part Happy and part Sad with all of this.  Happy that I lasted longer then I have ever stuck to anything in my whole entire life!!!   I aimed for 6 months and went to 16 1/2 months – I pat myself on the back for that and secretly say damn I did it!!     Yet a part of me is sad, I feel a chapter of my life is gone and  that little baby that depended on me for nourishment has moved onto his blue sippy cup of “mulk” or juice.  Also, I am sad because my breasts seemed to do the job so well and they were good working milk producers and well now they feel like they got laid off and don’t know what to do. 

Do you have any weaning stories or experience any sadness after weaning – would Love to hear about your experiences.

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