Less than one month until Valentine’s Day…let the planning begin!

Jan 16, 2012 by

I’m kind of a weird-o.

Valentine’s Day is my favorite winter holiday.

Of course I love Christmas…and I don’t love Valentine’s Day because I expect a fancy dinner out, jewelry and rose petals on every surface of my home (could you imagine the clean up?! UGH!).

I love it as a family day.

With two boys, I have made it a goal to teach them how to be appreciative of others and how to think of others in little ways. Valentine’s Day is a great day to teach this. I love making it a special day with tons of small details- fun, homemade crafts, heart shaped treats, pink and red foods…the list goes on. I try to avoid the commercialized “Hallmark-ness” of the day and focus on making our own fun all day long.

As for my fancy, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? It will probably look like this again this year:

…and I couldn’t be happier!! I wait all year for my heart-shaped pizza dinner (perhaps with cherry sodas this year??)

I’m looking for more homemade Valentine’s Day ideas! Let’s hear them!

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Sarah Bernhardson

Sarah lives in eastern Connecticut with her husband, Dave, and their two sons, Nate and Joshua. She recently completed her Master's in Elementary Education at Eastern Connecticut State University and now works part-time as a museum educator at a local children's museum. While pregnant with her firstborn, Sarah was puzzled when more seasoned mothers she knew broke into raucous laughter when she complained that she might be bored while her newborn napped all day. Perhaps she’d brush up on her French, remodel a few rooms, or maybe learn to quilt? Now a mom of two active boys, she is wiser, and has learned the fine art of typing a research paper at 1:30 am while nursing a baby, and, perhaps more importantly, the ability to laugh at her pre-baby image of life as a mother

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  • Dena

    I love that pizza. Last year for Miles’ class I made hotdog hearts. Get mini weiners, cut in half on an angle. Flip one around to make a heart shape. Keep together with a toothpick arrow. I even cut out cheese for the tip and feather end. I’ll post pictures and how-to soon!

  • http://myeverydaymagic.com Kate Street

    I’d DEFINITELY be on-board for some heart-shaped pizza and cherry soda! LOVE IT! :)

  • http://vtnative.wordpress.com vtnative

    I love Valentine’s Day too! The heart shaped pizza looks amazing. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful day!

  • bernhardsonbunch

    Love the mini weiner idea!! Awwww!! I’d love to see the pictures. I am so excited for Valentine’s Day this year…so fun!! I can’t wait.

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