5 Months Pregnant

I thought today’s post would be about celebrating our bodies. At 5 months postpartum, I’m not exactly in the shape I’d prefer but I think it’s a PERFECT time to show my body some LOVE for all it’s done and continues to do for me (and my babes!). New-Baby-Bodies (that’s what I call my shape right now) deserve so  much respect and appreciation. We live in a culture where it’s practically a race to shed every pregnancy-pound (WHY are we all in SUCH a hurry to erase all evidence of pregnancy and child-bearing?!). Today I’m choosing to REJECT that culture and EMBRACE my own personal reality ~ where none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, where my belly is still soft and slightly protruding, where I’ve earned a few more dimples in my ass…yet, I love, love, LOVE myself in spite of it all because my body ROCKS!!! With each pregnancy I’ve learned that my body loses weight at it’s own pace ~ probably one that’s best for me and my baby ~ and I can’t force it to speed up despite any grand efforts. And today I’m NOT forcing it. I’m cool with however long it takes (because through 3 babies I’ve learned it DOES come off eventually) and just enjoying the ride as we go. TODAY I trust my body and believe in it’s wisdom.

My Body ROCKS because:

* it’s birthed three BEAUTIFUL sons ~ all on it’s own, without outside interference or intervention.

* it’s fed all three BEAUTIFUL sons ~ without any effort from me.

* I was able to run until I was 38 weeks pregnant ~ and I loved every minute of it.

* it loves to DANCE!

* it’s VERY healthy!

More reasons I love my body:

* I have beautiful long hair and pretty green eyes!

* I have long finger and youthful hands.

* I have dimples in my cheeks, that my baby inherited and it tickles me to no end!

So tell me, why does YOUR body rock? (If you’re looking for more Body Love check out the Love Letter To My Body that I wrote when my second son was 3 months old. And if you’re looking for A LOT more Body Love, check out Our Body Blog). Happy Magical Monday!


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