Today I’m copying a post I did for my own blog over the weekend ~ the theme is LOVE Over Fear. I’m using it for today’s post because I soooo need to keep reminding myself to do this! I’m having to do it again this morning as I drag myself out of a terrible mood that started yesterday.  My bad mood doesn’t FEEL good though…so why stay here just because it’s familiar? Again and again I’m taking that first (sometimes painful) step toward LOVE…

From Saturday’s My Everyday Magic post:

“I’m making today’s theme choosing LOVE over fear because that’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of days and that’s what it’s ALL about anyway, right?! As I mentioned on yesterday’s magic, I’m just getting over the stomach flu ~ and even though the tummy trouble only lasted 24 hours, recovering from it seems to take another 48-72 hours. Last night I had a migraine (presumably from dehydration), felt terribly weak and my eyes and nose were starting to run. I went to bed as soon as my boys were asleep feeling pretty, pretty terrible. But I had decided I wasn’t going to play the victim role again ~ I affirmed to myself that I chose this experience for higher reasons, I had the tools to handle it, and I was provided for in every moment. To me it felt like a final cleansing and though I wasn’t excited to wake up to what seemed like the flu turning into a cold, I accepted it and surrendered to it. One hour into my sleep my babe started getting restless. Even nursing him didn’t settle him (which it ALWAYS does). It was clear he was awake.

I had a choice to make: I could choose fear ~ which was telling me “I can’t handle this now! I can’t believe the timing of this! I need my sleep! I’m too sick to do this! I won’t be able to handle this! This isn’t fair! I deserve a break! Why me? Why ME?!!!” Or I could choose LOVE ~ which was telling me: “LOVE will give me more energy than sleep. LOVE will be more healing than anger. LOVE will provide for me. I AM LIMITLESS. I have the tools I need. I chose this. THIS is a defining moment.”  So I chose LOVE. I brought my sweet, smiling baby downstairs, gave him a massage, some chamomile, and together we took a candle-lit bath. Afterwards I swaddled him and rocked him to sleep while watching “Splash” on TV.  And all the while, as I was choosing LOVE, I realized I wasn’t tired, my head hurt less, and my eyes and nose had stopped running. I went to sleep content. And guess what? Babe and I slept deeply and peacefully the rest of the night. It was the deep, quiet sleep where I was able to tend to his needs without even waking ~ I LOVE those kinds of sleep! This morning, though I’m not completely healed, I feel SO MUCH better than I did last night. And I know it’s because I chose LOVE.”

Other Magic:

* Knowing I REALLY CAN choose how I respond and feel ~ even if it takes MONUMENTAL effort.

* My sweet baby’s smiles that break a bad-mood better than anything.

* Being loving to my hubby when I really just wanted to ignore him this morning (yup, it’s true).

* Watching Phineas and Ferb this morning with my 6 year old, which I have to admit made me smile.

* Knowing the day will end MUCH BETTER than it started!

* Chocolate chip cookies…which are always good no matter what the mood!

What’s your MAGIC this Monday? Are there areas of your life that need more LOVE?

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