We started potty training this weekend.  After talking it over with our daycare, we went the underwear approach.  Meaning that Don no longer wears diapers during the day, only to sleep.  For a few months now, the daycare has put him on the toilet to try it out, as have we at home, but to no avail.  The boy just doesn’t have an interest. 

But, in a few weeks Don will be transitioning up to the “penguin” room, where the other children (all girls) go to the bathroom on the potty…so why not try.  Also, I’m due with my second child in April, so having Don potty trained would be fabulous.  I digress. 

I talked up his new underwear all last week in preparation for the big weekend.  I showed him that he would have Buzz Lightyear underwear and race car underwear and explained that he was a big boy now and only babies wear diapers.  I had sufficiently psyched him up to wear the underwear, but the whole concept of peeing on a toilet went over his head.  His daycare had also advised me to put him on the toilet every half an hour.  Saturday proved to be the perfect day, seeing as it was snowing.  Like clockwork, Don and I headed into the bathroom every half hour.

I tried the cheerio game…having him toss cheerios into the toilet and explaining he could shoot them with his pee. Swoosh…right over his head again.  First of all, not to get too graphic, but he really didn’t understand the concept of holding his penis…if anyone has some clarity on this one, I’m all ears.  He also did not like the idea of standing.  So, then I explained he could shoot the cheerios by sitting too.  Tick, tick, tick…the time went by.  Not a drop.

Off the toilet he went and literally five minutes later, he peed his pants!  We are 0 for 4 in the Gilchrest household. He never pooped in the pants, which seemed odd to me but was then explained to me this morning by his teachers and my colleagues.  Here’s a weird little phenomenon for you…kids hold their poop.  Don purposely held his poop so he could go in his diaper at night.  I was told this is a positive thing because it means he has control! 

Being a mom is fascinating.  It has taught me extremely interesting things about the human body and continues to teach me unbelievable patience.  We will continue to work at this potty training and I will keep you posted along the journey.  I look forward to any and all suggestions!

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