Remember when you were in elementary school and your Mom would bring in cupcakes for your class when it was your birthday?  I think it’s obvious at this point that not only am I beyond excited that I’ll get the chance to do this for Jake, but I have been collecting cupcake ideas in a folder tucked neatly away in one of my kitchen cabinets.  That’s normal, right?  Oh, and cake ideas for his family birthday parties- let’s not forget those!  Now I am no pastry chef, and i swear by the infamous Magnolia Bakery chocolate cupcake recipe, but I also stand by my belief that a whole lot of love goes into making cakes and cupcakes out of boxed cake mixes.

(boxed cake mixes, now more than ever when you’ve got an 11 month old squirreling around the kitchen playing with that little plastic spatula you gave him to keep him occupied).

But I digress.  In keeping up with my search for future cupcake and cake ideas for my little guy, I have also come across many recipe and cupcake decorating ideas that are, purely just for the fun of it, and irresistible. 

First out of the gate, and one of my personal favorites- DOUBLE PRIZES! How could you not love these toy story cupcakes?  Jake’s definitely a little too young to really have fun with these guys, but they are in the magic cupcake folder!  How to do it?

Next up we have the cutest and easiest flower cupcakes.  A little something for the ladies out there, if you will.  And this design is probably one of the easiest you can get, which means no excuses for cuteness!  How to do it?

How stinking cute are these guys!?! Monkeys! and easy to assemble, too- a few Nilla Wafers and some decorator’s gel? Done and Done!  How to do it?

Finally, in the spirit of full disclosure, i present to you today’s little bit of joy.  In honor of Groundhog Day, while I cannot bring these in to Jake’s class at daycare yet, as well, um, jelly beans are a choking hazard to 10 and 11 month olds, I brought them in to the office.  Cheers!!! ha!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what I’ve got planned for Jake’s big First Birthday extravaganza? Well…. you’ll just have to wait and see 😉  I know… I’m sneaky like that!  But in the mean time, here he is with a “practice” cupcake.  

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