Hello? Is anybody out there? Magical Mondays haven’t been getting very many comments lately…and I’m thinking perhaps it’s because Mondays can be very UN-magical.  You think? I admit I’m not feeling very magical this morning, but thanks to Spicy Fairy’s post today on My Everyday Magic I was able to find some things to be grateful for “even though” I’m not really feelin’ it. “Even though” magic helps us to embrace our feelings of yuckiness and find the magic anyway…and perhaps put a little “good news” spin on it like I did today. From my comment today on My Everyday Magic, here is my “even though” gratitude list:

* Even though the Patriots lost the Superbowl AGAIN, perhaps it’s GOOD NEWS ~ maybe some of the players will take this loss to heart and become seekers. Maybe they’ll stumble upon the concept of Law of Attraction, share it with their team-mates, and they’ll bring their playing up a spiritual notch and become a SUPER-TEAM! It could happen. ;)

* Even though we just got our largest oil bill EVER ($800!), perhaps that’s GOOD NEWS, because it means we’ll make the MOST money we ever have this month to cover it! That could DEFINITELY happen! :)

* Even though my hubby is fed-up and grumpy this morning, perhaps that’s GOOD NEWS, as it’ll motivate him to find different ways of being in his business and in the world. That WILL happen ~ my hubby rocks and I believe in him! :)

* Even though I’m fed-up and grumpy this morning, perhaps that’s GOOD NEWS, as it gives me the opportunity to keep choosing JOY over and over and over again ~ and the more I choose JOY, the more it becomes my default. That IS happening!!! And I rock too. ;)

* Even though I didn’t think I’d have any magic this morning….I DO! It happened!

Can you put a positive spin on something that sucks? It’s actually kind of fun ~ and it will raise your vibe…even if only for a moment. 😉


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