Things are looking up. The stress has subsided (for the most part) and I’ve been doing a lot less laundry.  This is a result of Don starting to get the swing of things and the fact that I purchsed Don nearly 20 pairs of underwear and some extra pants…I’m 30 weeks pregnant, who has the energy!!

My guys pretty much got it down, all but the pooping.  He now announces that he must use the bathroom, we go, and most times, we make it in time for him to go.  He gets high fives, a sticker  and life is good.  I have also caught on and have him go before dinner, so I don’t have to get up in the middle of eating or before he starts watching a tv show, something he will not want to get up from.  He is also peeing standing…something he asked to do on his own! He asked to pee like Daddy.  Pretty awesome and he has fab aim!

As for the pooping, man, this phenomenon of holding it is tough! My poor guy continues to be constipated every other day, complaining that his butt hurts.  Yeah, I know it does…you’ve got to go to the bathroom!  He just hates pooping on the toilet, which I think is because it hurts so much when he finally does go…a vicious cycle that at this point has no end in sight.

If anyone has suggestions on overcoming the fear of pooping on the toilet, I’m all ears!

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