Feast your eyes on a gallery of goodies perfect for your sweetie pie this Valentine’s Day!  These ideas would be perfect for school lunches or a special breakfast or dinner.  You’ll fall in love with these ideas, just like I did!


Check out the heart-shaped strawberries!

Heart-shaped pepperoni!



Obsessed with s’mores!

This falls under the “Why didn’t I think of this first” category.  I’m in love!


Need some other Valentine’s Day ideas?

  • Filling heart-shaped ice cube trays with red fruit juice, and adding to water when frozen
  • Cutting hearts out of marshmallows for hot chocolate
  • Red velvet ANYTHING!
  • Chocolate covered…EVERYTHING!
  • Raspberry or strawberry jam on heart-shaped toast
  • Of course, sitting down for a meal together is always a great idea!

How is your food inspired by the ones you love?  Happy Valentine’s Day!





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