Ellen Seidman is kind of a big deal in the blogging world. On her blog Love that Max (among other places) she writes so candidly and honestly about what it’s like to raise Max, her son with special needs, and Sabrina, his younger sister. One theory of hers that I particularly love is that all kids have a special strength or super power.

My Max’s superpowers are observation and his amazing memory. He remembers EVERYTHING. He’ll tell you what you had to eat the last time we went to the diner and what you were wearing…even if it was over a year ago. He files away nuggets of information like the fact that the Portland Bridge goes over the Connecticut River and it’s a bridge that you drive over, not walk over. He knows the way to both of his schools and several times has had to tell us that we were driving to the wrong one (and was right!). I really can’t wait to get him some music lessons, because he has a particular knack for remembering bands, singers and songs. After only being told once or twice, he can remember that it’s just Maroon 5 that sings Moves Like Jagger, but it’s Maroon 5 AND Gym Class Heroes who sing Stereo Hearts. To his father’s delight he can also point out most songs by the Foo Fighters, Cold Play, Pearl Jam and Nirvana too. It’s a fun quiz game we like to play…it’s his trick to show off at parties.

Ben’s superpower is the ability to do puzzles. That kid can figure any puzzle out on his own…always asking for help, but never needing it. If his current puzzle skills are any indication of what his patience and perseverance will be like later in life, he’s going to be one really great employee…and father. I think Ben also holds the record for most number of strawberries eaten at one sitting, so perhaps his superpower is really competitive eating.

In my world, where I’m constantly forced to be aware of all the things Max can’t do, all the things he struggles with, it’s really nice to figure out how he is smart, not how smart he is. It’s nice to think about all his strengths versus focusing on all of his weaknesses.  So thank you Ellen, for introducing that concept to me.

So tell me, what superpowers do your kids possess?

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