Busy working moms sometimes forget that piece of paper that came home last week that encourages treats and snacks for Valentines day to be brought to school.


Well, I want to bring something in, but know there will be millions of cookies, cupcakes, juice boxes, and other sugary sweets to pick from.  Let’s make something that is easy, kids will love, and won’t add to the sugar high of Valentine’s Day!

For more ideas, Sarah and Gena had some terrific Valentines snacks in their recent posts!

For these Hot Dog Hearts:

1 package of mini cocktail franks (You can get nitrate free ones at Trader Joes or Whole Foods)

Toothpicks (this year I got cocktail pick in the liquor aisle, so I won’t have to cut out the cheese)

(Optional) Cheese squares

  • Take your cocktail franks and either heat them in the oven to warm, or boil them.
  • Cut in half on an angle.
  • Flip one half up to make a heart.
  • Pierce with toothpick to make the halves stay together.
  • Cut cheese in the shape of the arrow and put on either end.


You can do this for class or just to have at home for dinner.  Your kids will love it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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