This weekend has been quite challenging as my whole family is sick, even the baby. Anyone who has had a sick baby knows how all encompassing it is. Since I’m still in the thick of it, for today’s Magical Monday post, I’m copying and pasting my Saturday post from My Everyday Magic, as it is still so relevant for me today…and I could use the reminder. Maybe you can relate.


I’m in the midst of playing and experimenting with my JOY and LIMITLESSNESS ~ and frankly, it ain’t always easy, but so far it’s been worth it. My current formula for choosing JOY in those tenuous moments when my mood can go either way, is to quietly smile and say to myself “Yes, I can do this.” This practice is like flipping a silent switch ~ JOY hears me and in JOY I find my limitlessness. Last night could have been my most challenging mothering night. My baby was feverish all day unable to sleep soundly and the trend continued well into the night. I snuck into the downstairs bedroom with baby Kai so we wouldn’t wake up the rest of the family, and soon my coughing 4 year old found his way down to us as well. Amidst all the coughing,  feverish moaning, and constant nursing it became very clear around 1:30am that no one was sleeping.

I could either drive myself INSANE trying to force the sleep or just give in and find the flow. I sat up in the darkness saying out loud “I don’t know if I can DO this!” (This is after a week of family illness and little sleep already.) My body was tensed, my jaw was tight, and I felt the blackness creeping in…and I didn’t like it. So I quickly made the decision to flip the switch again. For probably the 44th time that night I gave a quiet smile, put my hand to my heart, and said “Yes, I CAN do this.” As I relaxed and my jaw loosened, JOY found me. I turned on the light and declared that we were having a middle-of-the-night party. My 4 year old and I got some snacks, we played a little Minecraft, and then we got back into bed and watched “Phineas and Ferb” whilst eating hershey kisses. Even my baby started to feel a bit better in the middle-of-the-night party atmosphere.

After awhile we all got back to sleep and slept from….3:00am ~ 5:00am. Not exactly the stretch I was hoping for. So again, I had to either choose JOY or insanity. Even though insanity is the quicker trip, the extra step (and smile) it takes to get to JOY is ALWAYS worth it. So I did it again and used my formula of smiles and Yes’s. I took my baby out in the living room, put on the fire, and we watched Secretariat together (he just loves that movie) ;)

And now wouldn’t you know, here we are once again, Baby Kai just took a 20 minute nap whilst I was typing this and is now awake on my lap ~ again, not the stretch I was looking for. But I’m going to do it AGAIN. As I’m coming to realize that TRUE limitless doesn’t last one night, 2 days or even a couple of weeks. TRUE limitlessness is LIMITLESS! I can ALWAYS smile and say YES. ALWAYS. And that’s what I’m going to do right now.  But to be truthful…I could use a little cheerleading to remind me. ;) “Go Mama, Go Mama, you can do it, you can do it!”


This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* A better night’s sleep last night…though, not great. 😉

* That my hubby helped me out so much all weekend, allowing me so many much-needed naps.

* A fireplace that goes on with the click of a button.

* Knowing we’ll all feel better very, very soon.

What are you grateful for this Monday?

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