I’m pretty exhausted. My husband took Don to run some errands this morning-9am- and I took a nap! Completely passed out. I have less than 8 weeks to go on baby #2. I’m large, uncomfortable, and did I mention exhausted.

During the first pregnancy I spent the last few weeks sitting. I don’t have that luxury this time. I definitely have Don watching more tv than I would like…a combo of being pregnant and winter, but I’m on my feet going, going, going all day. I wonder if this is preparation for what it will be like with two kids in the house. Maybe I’ll get used to this level of exhaustion like I did  after Don was born.

I also have less patience, which frustrates me. One positive is that it shows me how far I’ve come with my patience, but I hate losing my cool, especially with Don.

Besides the exhaustion and at times uncontrollable emotions, there are definite positives about pregnancy #2.  This pregnancy has flown by! I think it’s a combo of being busy with Don and working out the whole time. I also know what to expect this time and can’t wait to welcome another little baby into our family. Recently, Don has began speaking to baby Edith in my belly and just today he asked who baby Edith’s mommy will be.

Bottom line…I’m healthy and so is the baby. I’m looking forward to meeting her soon and bringing her home to join our family.  But I’m definitely going to add more naps to my routine during these last few weeks!

What was your experience during pregnancy #2?

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