Did I say that?

Let’s spend this Magical Monday spilling some more of our dirty little secrets. I feel I have some more to unload and it’s always freeing, liberating, and funny. What a better way to start a Monday? ๐Ÿ˜‰

My Confessions:

* My 7 year old tells long and imaginative stories ~ I’m often in awe of how he can spin a tale. But most times I’m bored to tears listening to them! I’m so conflicted ย because I want to encourage his story-telling abilities but I don’t want to be the one to listen to them! (And in fact, I started writing this post as he was in the middle of his latest tale because I couldn’t just sit there anymore feigning interest!)

* Sometimes when my 4 year old is crying I feel nothing but impatience, especially if it’s when I’m getting the baby to sleep.

* NOTHING is more important to me most days than a sleeping baby and I’ve been known to rip some heads off when this gets interrupted.

* I don’t see the point in forcing fruits and vegetables down my 4 year old’s throat when most days I don’t want to eat them either.

* One day last week I had cheese curls for breakfast.

* I’m not as concerned with safety as other parents are ~ I don’t childproof anything in my house, I don’t use the straps on the high-chair, and I let my children jump off pretty much whatever they want.

* I let my children use electronics ~ video games, ipads, TV ~ as much as they want. Other parents may be judgmental about this, but I see how passionate and gifted they are with our latest technologies and I believe they should be allowed to pursue the things they’re really interested in.

* I’ve watched the movie “Secretariat” probably about 75 times since August. It just makes me feel good.

* I never, NEVER fold laundry. I either just stuff it into drawers or let my cleaning women do it when she comes every other week. Laundry is known to sit in our dryer for two weeks until she comes to fold it. And I don’t feel badly about this in any capacity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

* ย I shave my arms and have since I was about 11 years old! lol! (I LOVE body-hair true confessions!)

Whew! That was FUN! (I’ve been dying to unload that story-telling confession!) What would you like to unload and amuse us with this Monday?


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