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I was lucky enough to be chosen to try a Medela Calma bottle and write a review about it.

The bottle is created to offer the same effect of a breast but in a bottle. The hope is to help mothers have an easy transition from breast to bottle with little to no confusion.

As a working mother who breast feeds this can be very important since I cherish the times we can.

At first look, the nipple is VERY different looking from the traditional nipple. It actually looks alien like but honestly my nipple after breast-feeding isn’t very hot either!

This nipple creates a vacuum and it only works if the child sucks like he does on the nipple so it doesn’t “leak” fluid or make it easier on the child.

My first great review is that the nipple can be placed on any Medela bottles which is very convenient. I pump with my freestyle Medela breast pump and love that I can take the bottle from the pump and then hook it to the nipple no problem. This is a huge plus!

When I first gave the bottle to Max he was a bit confused but this I believe is not due to the bottle but more that he was used to either my breast or a traditional bottle. So when I gave it at first he didn’t know what to do with it, but very soon he was sucking like he would with my breast.

This is the next great thing about this bottle is that it did look like he was sucking on the bottle as he does on my breast.

Once he figured it out there was no stopping my son from taking the Calma Bottle. The one slight issue I have is the size of the “nipple/opening” – it is a bit long but I think this is so they can grow into it.

The nipple can be taken apart very easily which was a plus and easily washed. The only other issue I had was with the bottle cap, it was not the most secure to put on. It doesn’t “snap” so I would be worried it could come loose since I prepare bottles of breast milk during the day for our nanny.

Overall I wish I had this bottle from the get go when we first introduced a bottle to Maximus. I think it wouldn’t have been such a problem. I had to try 3-5 different bottles before one he would use or not choke on. This would have been a no brainer for my son since it works like my nipples do.

Overall this is a wonderful product and when I have another child I will try the Medela Calma bottle first to ensure that my child has no nipple/bottle confusion. Well-done Medela for helping working mother’s like my stay on the path of breast-feeding.

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