Sometimes Moms just know.  I don’t know how many times I heard, “When you’re a mom, you just know,” or, “You’ll understand when you’re a mom,” when I was pregnant with Jake.  I would ask other moms, “How will I know if…?” and “How will I ever…?”  And the response was always the same… “You’ll just know!” 

And after this week, yep, they were all right.  You do just know!  Jake was a little off on Sunday night.  A little cough throughout the day, nothing major, but to me, it sounded different than other coughs he’s had in the past.  Something was just off.  By Monday he was in full-on sick mode with a runny nose, more coughing, and overall fussiness.  Of corse, Mike and I did all the things we’ve done in the past when Jake had a cold- humidifier on at night, wiped his nose, kept him upright, and overall in as good a mood as we could.  But by Tuesday, something was seriously seriously not cool.  But, on the bright side, we noticed he was just getting another tooth, so we chalked it up to teething.  But then I got a call around 11:00 from his daycare saying he had a fever of 100 degrees, would not eat breakfast (pancakes, his favorite!), and kept pushing away his bottle.  I called the doctor immediately, and they called me back to tell me this was all normal behavior associated with getting new teeth, and he probably had a cold.  Keep doing what we are doing and monitor the situation, but nothing to bring him in for.  OK……. I guess?  Well, no sooner do I get off the phone with the doctor, that I get another call from Jake’s daycare to pick him up.  His fever is now 101.  I was out the door in 2 minutes.

Once I got to Jake I knew we were not going home.  We were going straight to the doctor.  Things were not right at all.  I was debating what to say in my head when I were to call back, but there was no way that I was going to take “No” for an answer.  Jake was simply going to have to get checked out.  So, after i buckled him in to his seat, I was on the phone with the doctor’s office for the third time that day.  In a firm but not pressuring voice, I told the receptionist that Yes, I called earlier, Yes, I was told twice that it was not necessary to come in, but things are different now.  Jake is just miserable looking, he’s very hot, red in the face, and I’m sorry, but I just need to bring him in.  To this she replied OK, how does 2:00 sound?

And thank God Momma Bear came out to play.

Once we were seen by the Doctor, it was confirmed that Jake had 2 ear infections, one being very severe, and pneumonia.  Yes.  Pneumonia.  We spent two hours in the office, Jake fell asleep on me twice, had nebulizer treatment, and his oxygen levels examined.  In the end we left with an inhaler, antibiotics, and tylenol. 

Sometimes you just have to let your Momma Bear come out and play, that’s all I’m saying.  Had I just went along home, I have absolutely no doubt that we would have ended up in the emergency room with Jake.  No doubt.  You really do know your kid, you know what’s best for him, and sometimes you have to be insistent on his care.  Remember this next time your gut tells you one thing, but you are hearing another thing from someone else- WWMBD?  What Would Momma Bear Do?

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