You know you are a (working) mommy when:

1. You used to go out until 3 am now you are waking up at 3 am! Eek

2. You do cry over spilt (breast or formula) milk.

3. Peeing becomes your alone time.

4. Sex is…wait what is sex again?! (Poor husband)

5. You have to plan months in advance to hang out with friends (Hunger games here we come)

6. You apologize to your own mother for everything you might have done as a child.

7. Your butt and gutt becomes your worst enemy but shoes are still fabulous! (They don’t make me look like a cow)

8. Sleep is a luxury that you would pay for…

9. Your child vomits and instead of dodging it you try to catch it.

10. You participate on a conference call while pumping.

11. Your commute is wind down time.

Ladies let me know how you know your a mom when…

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