I really haven’t struggled too much yet with doing daycare drop-offs, at least in the sense of feeling overly emotional about leaving the baby with someone else all day. Until the past few weeks…

Now that Lills 10 months old, she is so much fun, totally adorable and she really knows I’m her mom. I’m not going to lie, even though it might make me sound like a bad momma, in the beginning I was relieved dropping her off at daycare because she was a really fussy and colicky little girl. Feeding her one bottle took an incredible amount of perseverance. I looked forward to going to work to have a break from baby care, it was so intense and I was exhausted on all fronts. (I’m glad that’s out in the open)

Now that she’s older I’m having so much more fun with her. I love playing with her, being silly, singing to her and all that normal parenting stuff. I’ve been finding that lately when I drop her off I stand there for an extra 10 minutes watching her, telling her I love her and that I’m going to miss her. Of course, she totally doesn’t care. She just wants to start playing and acts like my smothering her with love and kisses is annoying. She’s happy at daycare, loves her daycare provider and, in fact, cries every time I pick her up in the evening. So it’s not her, it’s me.

Has anyone else experience this? Did it get harder to leave your kids at daycare as they got older or did you experience the reverse? I’d love to know!

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