At this very moment, the feature I love most about my house is that it has a playroom. One room for playing, stashing toys, drawing, painting, building, and being a kid. It does not matter what the walls look like or what the trim looks like, it is a playroom, and when company comes over or when I don’t feel like looking at the mess, all I have to do is shut the door!

I know that as my children grow and as the needs of our family grow the playroom will not be as important as it is now. However, it is currently the center of our routine. We dress the girls for school in it, we store everything we need on a daily basis, from diapers to socks in it. Since it is such an important space it is crucial to keep it organized; maintaining organization helps to maximize storage and play space.

I want to share two items that I have found that are great organizational tools and space savers. Both products are from the Land of Nod. The first is called the Accordion to Me Peg Rack. Each rack has ten pegs for hanging coats, bags, back packs, sweatshirts, and toys. These racks are useful because they give you the ability to get stuff up off the floor or bookcase and hung where you can easily grab it on the run.

The second item is called Curl Up With a Good Wall Hook. This item gave new life to our bookcase, which was drowning in shoes. We placed the hook behind the door to the playroom, which allows us to store up to eight pairs of shoes out of sight. I love this product and think it is one of the best shoe storage ideas that I have seen. I will caution, however, that my oldest daughter is now in a toddler size 10 and some of her shoes are too big for the rack. This is definitely a baby/toddler sized product.

Do you have a favorite storage or organizational product? Please share!

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