You all know and love our blogger Kate Street right? Well, not only does she blog for us and have her very own website called My Every Day Magic, she also has a website dedicated to pre-birth communication. It’s very interesting if you haven’t heard about the topic. Check out her website.

Note from Kate: “Messages from the Womb” and “Beautiful Birth” Meditation CDs (sold as a set) which help women communicate with their unborn babes and achieve the birth they truly deserve. These CD’s are based on meditations I did when pregnant with my first son. I experienced dramatic prebirth communication with him where he shared with me his gender, his name, what he looked like and even how he wanted to be born. While meditating he even helped me with the steps I need to take to achieve a beautiful home birth. Since then I’ve had 2 more children, 2 more homebirths, and exceptional pregnancy experiences.

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