It seems like like my kids are always at the forefront of my mind. I mean, my nearly-three-year-old doesn’t really let you forget her for a second. She’s loud like that.

They always come first. And I honestly wouldn’t change that if I could. But, sometimes? I forget just how much my life has changed since they came rolling into town.

I was recently presented with a job opportunity that, prior to children, I would have jumped through hoops of fire to get. Everything was awesome: the position, the location, the pay… Everything except the hours.

After debating all aspects, pros and cons of me going back to work full time, my husband and I agreed that I would decline. It was so much harder than I thought it would be. I was EXCITED about this prospect. Excited that someone thought I was capable of filling such a challenging role. Excited over the extra money I could be contributing to our household. I felt sad.


I gazed over at these two:

and I wasn’t sad anymore. Being available for them is pretty incredible. We’re very lucky that I even have the ability to make the decision to decline a bigger role right now. The girls are still so little. We’ve had a few weeklong illnesses this winter and I’m glad I’m in a job that allows me the flexibility to work when I can in those instances.

Having them home with me two days a week isn’t always a fairytale. There are tantrums. Oh, the epic tantrums. There is a lot of sweeping up Cheerios and wiping yogurt from under the table (How? What? I don’t even ask anymore), a lot of inspecting Audrey’s toys to make sure Olivia hasn’t planted Play-Doh there. Again. A lot of nap boycotts and diaper blowouts and potty standoffs.

But there’s also a lot of this…

and I know that right now, my priorities are exactly as they should be.

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