Two weeks to go on baby number 2.  Relatively speaking, this pregnancy has been a walk in the park.  I’m healthy and so is the baby…so that’s what’s most important.  That being said, I can still complain a little…and complain I will. 

First up: Heart Burn.  I have never had a problem with heart burn.  A good guy friend of mine always gets heart burn and quite frankly I’ve always thought he was a baby. I apologize to him wholeheartedly for doubting his discomfort all these years and now find him a little more insane than I already did that he would continue to eat foods that cause him this most unpleasant feeling (you know who you are).  Some people are telling me that all this heart burn means that the baby will have a lot of hair when she is born.  Hmmm…interesting thought.  I tend to lean toward science and it appears that my changing hormones and humongous uterus may be contributing to my discomfort. 

Second: Leg Cramps.  Ahhh…leg cramps.  We’ve all gotten them.  Middle of the night spasms in your legs that cause you to wake up screaming.  Lovely.  Added bonus of pregancy…I get them at night and during the day.  And now in my final weeks, they are causing lasting muscle pain for a day or two.  I don’t remember leg cramps with baby #1. Maybe it’s because I actually used my muscles during this pregnancy.  With baby #1 I did a lot of sitting.  It appears science is at a loss with this one…they have no theory for leg cramps.

Finally: Sleep.  I’m pretty confident that waking up between 4-6 times during the night in these last few weeks is prep for the weeks ahead once Edith arrives.  I didn’t know that the first go round, but this pregnancy I am prepared.  I’m also used to waking up in the middle of the night thanks to one of Don’s crazy nightmares or to shove a snoring Evan off of me, so I’ve become somewhat of a pro at falling back to sleep pretty quickly.  But in these last few weeks, rolling over to get in a different position or to get out of bed to pee for the 15th time is tough.  I imagine it to be like turning an ocean liner 180 degrees.

So…long story short, two weeks cannot come fast enough!  I’m thrilled to get my body back and even more thrilled to meet my little girl!

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