Yesterday evening we visited the neighbors up the street who welcomed a baby boy just two weeks ago. We’re not extremely close to this couple, though we’re the same age, and I’m excited that maybe we can connect over our young ones. You know, stroller walks, catching each other in the yard with the kids, chatting about the school system, or whatever.

I was also looking forward to this visit because it’s been awhile since I’ve snuggled a newborn. I wanted to gauge my reaction to doing so.

You see, our baby girl is nearing her first birthday, and I’ve been hearing more and more from family, friends, even strangers that it’s time to start considering baby #2. I’ve blogged here before about my uncertainty about having another child (and I’m not sure it’s even physically possible for me to do so). And anyway I feel like, right now anyway, our little family is complete as a threesome. I wondered if seeing my neighbors’ brand new bundle would get my clock ticking again.

The short of it? No ticking clock here. While their baby boy was beautiful, and snuggly, and perfect, being near a newborn again didn’t make me long for another one of my own. In fact, it made me even more excited for Nora’s big-ness, and all that she seems to accomplish every day, and knowing that there’s so much more ahead of her made me excited to be part of that with just her.

One knowing glance at my hubby on the walk back down the street and we each knew what the other was thinking.

For now, the Allard clan remains a threesome…even if we’re not sure exactly what “for now” means for us.

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