In case you missed, last Monday I was really, really GRUMPY. This had been going on for 4 days and I knew I had to do SOMETHING about it, even if I didn’t FEEL like it. So you know what I did? I took my 3 little boys to the mall.

Why is this a big deal? Because frankly, I don’t CARE for malls anymore. Also it’s far away (about 30 minutes). I have to drive on some roads I don’t particularly care for (Rt. 95). And just plainly it’s outside of my normal routine and comfort zone. But I actually needed some things and I know how much my boys LOVE the I figured we’d have some fun and I’d get some stuff done. And you know what? We had a FANTASTIC time. After I got the things I needed, I let the boys lead the way. We played a game in the arcade, got big pretzels, sat on the comfy chairs in the middle, rode the elevator and escalator and just browsed around for hours. My 4 year old kept saying “This is an awesome vacation!” and he was right ~ a vacation from the norm.

I had lifted my mood by busting out of my comfort zone. But I didn’t end there. Later that day I read a blog post about a rusted swing set that had been sitting in my friend’s yard for years. Each time she looked at it she felt a pang of guilt. Then her neighbor took it off her hands and fixed it up so now it’s sitting in his yard looking brand new. This brought out further feelings of remorse. This spoke to me because I have a wooden bench swing that I LOVE. It’s placed so I can see my gardens and I’ve rocked all 3 babies on it. But now it’s looking all run down ~ the paint is chipped, the back is coming off. Every time I look at I feel frustrated. After reading my friends blog post (which I can’t seem to find right now to link it!) I decided I would fix my swing MYSELF! Soooooooo not even CLOSE to the realm of my comfort zone. I hauled the boys off on yet another adventure that day to the hardware store (another area I’m unfamiliar with) with list in hand for all the things I needed to restore my swing. AND I’m going to stain it in a lovely rose color, called “Cherry Blossom.” Doesn’t that sound LOVELY?

But I’m not done yet! My next venture out of my comfort zone is into the kitchen! (Just for a frame of reference, one of the reasons I married hubby is because he loves to cook.) I’m feeling a need to eat a little differently, but not in a change-my-diet kind of way ~ more in a way of making a loving ritual out of preparing and eating our meals. So I’m joining my hubby in the kitchen more to see what kind of magic we can create!

All this stepping out of my comfort zone is making me excited about life again! There is a saying that says “Magic begins outside the comfort zone” and I couldn’t agree MORE!

Are there ways you are stretching yourself or want to? Share with me!

More Monday Magic

* My hubby WON his first ever duathalon yesterday! (First place in his age group, 5th overall.) We’re SO PROUD OF HIM and had so much CHEERING him on!!!

* A yummy dinner I made for myself last night with LOVE (while the boys all ate pork chops that THEY love).

* A fun conversation with my parents last night.

* Picking up my raw milk this morning (I’m SO IN LOVE with raw milk!)

* Feeling MUCH MORE MAGICAL this monday!!! 🙂


What’s magical about your Monday?

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