This past weekend my husband and I were fortunate enough to have an adult-only night out with our good friends. The night started at Besito in West Hartford. Such a fun restaurant with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere! I would highly recommend the Enchilada Suizas and the special mango drink that they make out of fresh mango puree…heavenly! Since this Mama won’t be able to enjoy an actual cocktail for the next twenty-five or so weeks, I appreciated the change from soda water with lime.

During dinner our conversation ranged from how to discipline a three year old, to CAbi clothes, to our dislike of goodie hair ties that quit after only a couple uses, to my husband’s weird love for electronic music. At one point my very hip friend asked me if I had even heard of Kiwi Crate. I had not, so she enlightened me.

“Kiwi Crate,” she explained, “Is Birchbox for kids!”

Seriously, what could be better than that?

Kiwi Crate is an amazing kid oriented company that uses the design principles of: inspire, create, engage, curate, and deliver. The company has a design board including highly respected experts in education, developmental psychology, art, and science to ensure that they are delivering developmentally appropriate and enriching projects. Before each crate is shipped it is kid tested by their “test crew”.

All you do is sign up, pay the monthly fee and each month an adorable green box arrives on your doorstep, filled with awesome craft projects for your little one.  Kiwi Crate also has their own blog that is filled with tons of good crafting advice and lots of colorful pictures.

After wrapping up our dinner at Besito we hit The Criterion to catch the early showing of The Hunger Games (come on…it’s a two and half hour movie…no way any of us would have been awake if we went to the late show!)

My loving friend who informed me about Kiwi Crate is the same friend who gifted me Birchbox and, when I checked today’s mail, found a new set of Twistband Hair Ties delivered from Birchbox.

I feel extremely grateful that my husband and I are able to spend quality time with our good friends, that we are able to enjoy a relaxing, delicious and entertaining evening. But I’m even more grateful to have a friend who keeps me looking stylish and hip and provides me with information on the latest trends, and a new blog topic here and there!

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