I came across this article about the awesomeness of Pinterest for helping us embrace our inner Marthas – from craft projects, to tasty new recipes to home decorating tricks, Pinterest can have anyone feeling like a lifestyle mogul.

The article makes the point that while millenial-aged women can find their way around a social media site or a PowerPoint presentation, cooking from scratch or hemming a pair of pants are just not skills that are typically possessed by this age group. The knowledge simply isn’t as commonly passed down anymore from our grandmothers’ generation.

So maybe the modernity of Pinterest can actually be the link back to “old-fashioned” skills we never learned. Looking at my own pin boards, I’ve saved links to articles that will teach me how to can my own fruit, crochet an edge onto a blanket, and make a doll for my daughter out of fabric scraps.

Could it be that something so modern could be what brings this generation “back to basics” and provides us with that all-important link to our roots? What do you think?

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