Welcome to another Gratitude-Filled-Magical-Monday!

Today I’m gonna fill you in on some dramatic family happenings that occurred last night. We had my brother, sister-in-law and my 9 year old niece down for Easter Weekend. We love this part of our family and we always have a good time together but….on both sides we’ve all kept some opinions and judgments to ourselves about each other in order to keep the peace. I’m finding that in the long run this just doesn’t work. When we keep things from each other there is always this little seething ugly thing right under the surface and if not tended to properly it can fester until it grows out of control and changes the relationship for the worst.

Last night something really important happened ~  a BIG fight. We were watching the movie Thrive (which can be viewed online for FREE ~ I ABSOLUTELY recommend it) and it brought up some major differences of opinions and viewpoints between my husband and brother ~ and then it turned into personal attacks. At one point my sister-in-law brought my niece upstairs to pack and go home! When I realized this I went upstairs to see what could be done. This in turn changed the dramatic energy exchange to go between my husband and sister-in-law who then took it outside. The children were all so upset, especially my 9 year old niece who was crying.

But I knew something. I knew that if my husband and sister-in-law had the chance to talk by themselves and truly clear the air it would be a BEAUTIFUL thing. They were literally unleashing 13 years of unsaid things ~ things that HAD to be said, so they could be changed. So amidst the crying and yelling I brought my children into my office (which I call my “Magic Room”) so we could do our part in supporting them.

I told my niece “Sweetie, you have to trust me. This is a GOOD thing. Your Mama and Uncle are working out some things right now and when they’re done they are going to LOVE EACH OTHER MORE THAN EVER.”  She wept, “But it’s so hard!” and I told her “It is. It really is. But sometimes good things are hard.” And then I gathered the children around me so we could do some magic for our family.

I had them each pull a Fairy (of course) Oracle Card to see what the Fairies had to say about the situation. They pulled: “Happy Thoughts”, “Simplicity”, “Love heals Fear” and “Thankfulness” ~ we then took all these ideas and sent love to the discussion going on outside. We each took turns saying what we loved about each person involved. We held the space.

My niece had stopped crying and we all felt a bit better. It wasn’t long before my husband and sister-in-law came in after that. They were both rung-out and weary but there was this underlying PEACE emanating from both of them.

My husband went to my niece first thing, as he knew how upset she’d been, and he said some beautiful, wonderful things to her and she visibly relaxed.  Then there was hugging. Everyone hugged everyone else and then we all gathered together for a big family hug and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I felt that our little circle was engulfed with LOVE.

Very shortly after that I took my very tired 4 year old to bed. While I was lying there I felt the air literally tingling with positive energy. It became dramatically clear to me that something VERY IMPORTANT had just happened: people who view life differently and believe different things had just found a common ground. And even though we believe different things, we all want the SAME thing ~ love, peace and happiness for ourselves, our family, and frankly the Earth. I wholeheartedly believe that when a few people can find their way through the muck and end up at LOVE, it opens (energetic) doors for other people to do the same. I believe last night that my family changed the world a little bit and I’m SO PROUD of them.

As the night went on, there were more open, heart-filled discussions. There were pep-talks, motivational speeches and LOVE swirling all around.

It was difficult getting there. And uncomfortable. Sometimes GOOD is hard….but it is ALWAYS worth it.

Okay! Onto some Magical Monday Gratitude:

* A wonderful Easter with happy, sugar-filled children!

* Deviled eggs!

* Taking all the kiddos to the beach yesterday ~ it was absolutely beautiful!

* Looking forward to THIS DAY!

* Clearing the AIR!!!

* Family, Love, and working it all out!!!

Please share some of the things YOU’RE grateful for this Monday! 🙂

Gratitude IS Magic!

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