Okay, so we have all heard of that “glow” that you are supposed to have when you are with child.  Well, I am just shy of halfway through pregnancy #3 and I must be glowing, right?  So why do I feel so frumpy?  My regular clothes don’t fit anymore and maternity clothes aren’t quite right yet.  My face is breaking out and I am exhausted.  I’m thirsty and starving 24/7 and did I mention the dry skin?  If I’m not eating or drinking, I’m scratching…my legs, my back, my stomach.  Does this sound like a woman who is shining?  Honestly, I was feeling about as pretty as a rhinoceros and then as I was reading the online news this morning, I came across this story which I found both interesting and uplifting.   After all, the physical changes happening to my body are mere temporary side effects of being pregnant and in the end, I will have a beautiful new baby to cherish.  And so I’ve decided that for the next 21 weeks or so, I am going to embrace all that this pregnancy brings…the big belly, the heartburn and the countless smiles from strangers.  I am going to take people at their word when they say I look great and am beaming even if I don’t feel like it.  This will be my last pregancy and I’m going to enjoy it darn it.  I encourage all the other pregant ladies out there to do the same.

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