Welcome to another Magical Monday! I’m just going to dive right in with my gratitude list!

* I’m SO grateful I had a chance to meet some of my fellow bloggers this Saturday at our fundraiser/yard sale! It was such a treat to put a face to names, meet everyone’s babies (or bellies) and drink champagne with you picnic-style! Michelle, finally meeting YOU, in person was the most magical thing that happened to me all weekend! I love you, Fellow Mamas! ๐Ÿ™‚

* Going with the flow as my 7 year old and I still navigate a nasty cough together.

* My special healing juices, tonics, and teas I’ve been making since Friday ~ they taste so yummy, they’re made with such love (and from the flowers and weeds growing in my yard) and I KNOW they are magical! ๐Ÿ˜‰

* Setting some ipad boundaries with my boys this morning and enjoying watching them play with books and toys instead.

* Feeling ready to expand our world as unschoolers! (Anyone know of any good kids magic shows or plays going on around CT?)

* The GORGEOUS weather!!

* My 4 year old has started hanging out with Papa again for walks and errands after taking a good year off ~ it is SO wonderful to see them bonding again!!! (And being SO GRATEFUL that my 4 year old is NOT THREE YEARS OLD ANYMORE!!! lol!)

* Hanging with my 7 year old and baby by ourselves this morning.

* Even though we’re staying home today instead of seeing our friends I’m excited to get some things done around the house and plan something yummy to eat for dinner and just BE.

What’s so magical about YOUR Monday?

Champagne and Yard Sales!

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