Did you know that this week is National Volunteer Appreciation Week? Well, it IS! More importantly, did you know that every single ctworkingmoms.com blogger is a volunteer? That’s right! None of us are paid to write for the site, we do it because we believe strongly in the importance of creating a community just for our demographic – moms that are busy juggling the demands of work & family.

To all the mommas out there that read our site and find time to volunteer in your communities, THANK YOU! Volunteers are so important, and teaching our children the importance of volunteering is one of the best things we can do for the world.

Take a second to thank our bloggers by leaving a comment here. Let us know, do you have a favorite blogger on our site? Do you love a particular column? Or do you just love it all? Please leave some messages that our fabulous work-mom bloggers can enjoy.

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