Today I am home sick and I have my little darling to thank, seeing as my little germ magnet is the one who got me in this situation. I’ve got the usual – swollen glands the size of golf balls, a temp of 102, and body aches. While I feel like utter cr*p, I am kind of enjoying this day. I know you might think it’s the delirium of my fever talking, but hear me out. My daughter is at daycare and it’s rare that I have a totally empty, quiet house. I am checking and responding to work emails and phone calls from my bed, while in my pajamas. I feel more productive at home, than in a busy office. Also, I didn’t have to do my hair or put on make-up. In a few minutes, I plan to soak in a hot tub with some salts, and maybe even prepare myself a cup of tea, if I can get myself down the stairs. Maybe I’ll even take a nap, since it’s been a long time that I’ve had one of those. Maybe this is what I needed – a day of rest – or a chance to recharge.

Last night Mia kept waking up and began screaming like she was in a scene right out of the Exorcist due to her two year second molars coming in. This took us by surprise since she never cried or complained over teething in the past. We also didn’t even know she was supposed to get more teeth. She seemed like she had a full set already. How many teeth do these kids actually get and/or need? Anyway, it was probably one of the toughest nights since she was born. It was hard to see her in pain, but it was especially difficult because I couldn’t even move to comfort her, I was so sick. Thank goodness my husband was able to pick her up and walk our little screaming bundle of joy around the house. We were so exasperated that for a second, we were tempted to reach for a bottle of wine to see if the Old Wives’ Tale about a little on the gums was true or not. But, we didn’t. Instead, I reached for some Hyland’s Teething Tablets and nursed her all night. Needless to say, I am drained.

While a sick day isn’t exactly a day at the spa, it feels good (albeit strange!), to only have to worry about myself for once, even if it’s for a few hours. Maybe I should get sick more often? Ok, that’s a stretch, I know. But being in this situation has made me wonder – how do all the moms out there relax or recharge when it gets difficult to manage work and family?

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