Jake loves his food.  He is not shy, and has no shame in reaching out to my plate and going in for a taste.  Now that he’s been eating “real people food” for the past few months, I’m constantly looking for new menu ideas to keep him happy, and to introduce him to a wide variety of tastes, textures, and flavors.  This almost seemed easier when he first started eating pureed baby foods- i’d steam them in the old Beaba Baby Cook, and he’d eat till he was stuffed on sweet potatoes, pears, apples, corn, and potatoes.  Then he started eating pureed meals- Baked chicken, potatoes, and corn, all whipped up in the Beaba and into his belly it went.

Then we started with the “real people food” as we like to call it.  Crumbled homemade meatballs and sauce with pastina, chopped roasted potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, blueberry waffles, cut up grapes, and all of that good stuff.  Things were going good.  Really good.  He ate everything and anything (for the most part).  But then he started showing signs that he was allergic to dairy products.  His beloved yo baby yogurts for a treat after dinner were causing him stomach troubles.  We laid off dairy for a week, and the problems stopped.  Jake’s been dealing with another stomach issue that has finally passed (thank god!) But now we are scratching our heads as to more menu ideas for him. 

Here is a sample menu of what Jake eats:

Breakfast– 1 Earth’s Best blueberry organic waffle and some chopped up fruit

Lunch– 5 mini pierogies and some chopped up fruit, or, 2 crumbled homemade chicken meatballs in sauce with pastina, or, mashed potatoes, 2 crumbled homemade chicken meatballs, or some leftovers of dinner.

Dinner– Mashed potatoes, some chopped up ham or chicken, or, 2 crumbled homemade chicken meatballs in sauce with pastina, or, 5 mini pierogies and chopped fruit, or, a plain baked potato and half a hot dog chopped up, or, half a baked sweet potato, and meatloaf crumbles.

Snacks– town house crackers, low fat graham crackers, cheerios, chopped apples, jell-o, homemade blueberry muffins.

So, Mommas & Dads- what do you feed your one year old?  I would love to hear of some dairy-free meal ideas that you could share with us!!

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