I’ve been thinking a lot about parenting decisions and thought I’d put myself out there for you.

  1. I am a formula feeder. Breastfeeding was not even a consideration for me.
  2. My birth plan was two-fold: 1) Epidural 2) We both survive. I chose a practice, doctors and hospital I trusted completely.
  3. My choice of hospital was largely based on their NICU. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a good thing because Olivia spent a week there after aspirating meconium at birth.
  4. I would never consider an at-home birth. Admittedly, I don’t know much about them because it’s not on my personal list of options.
  5. I chose to have an elective induction four days before my due date with Audrey.
  6. I have well water and don’t give my girls flouride drops. (We DO brush and floss!)
  7. Audrey sometimes still wakes to eat at night.
  8. Olivia was rear-facing until two years old and I plan to keep Audrey that way as long as possible.
  9. Olivia has been in daycare since twelve weeks and Audrey since sixteen. I love our center. A home-based provider is not for us.
  10. We didn’t sleep train Olivia until she was thirteen months. Audrey was much younger and still wakes at night.
  11. Both of my girls used pacifiers. Olivia till sixteen months and Audrey still has hers at eleven.
  12. Neither of our girls slept in our bed or our room. Ever.
  13. I rocked Olivia to sleep until after her first birthday.
  14. I do not cloth diaper.
  15. I made Olivia’s food when she was a baby, but Audrey has had great success with baby led weaning and eats everything we do (minus common allergens).
  16. I vaccinate on schedule. Including flu shots.
  17. I did not feed Olivia any type of nut product until after her second birthday.
  18. No blankets in the crib until after a year and breathable bumpers only. Back to sleep until they were able to roll themselves.
  19. We chose the town we live in based almost entirely on the public school system.
  20. We have never left them overnight (aside from work trips).
  21. Olivia is not potty trained.
  22. Audrey slept in her swing until she was six months old.

And at the end of it all, I am left with this:

The Wright Family

My kids are healthy. I think they’re pretty happy, too, despite Audrey’s look above. I KNOW that’s the goal of almost all parents. We may mix and match our styles, but we all hope to raise productive members of our society.

…and survive toddlerhood. OMG. (But that’s another post for another day…)

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