To be honest, I’m writing this post Sunday night to get a jump on my Monday ~ I’m REALLY hoping it’ll turn out magical. Let’s hope this is true for all of us.

Even though I write here weekly (and daily on my own blog) about being grateful, you should know that my life is not all sunshine and lollipops. Right now I’m actually intensely cranky for no particular reason at all. Yes, even a grateful Mama is not immune to dramatic mood swings. But, as I always say, finding something to be grateful for when life is less than satisfying is intensely powerful and even transforming. So, join me, if you feel inclined (even and especially if you’re feeling cranky) and tell me what you’re grateful for. Let’s MAKE this Monday magical!

Today I’m grateful for:

* my hubby doing so well in his mountain bike race and finishing 4th even after a dramatic crash.

* FINALLY bringing over some wine and cookies to meet my new neighbors (I’ve only been meaning to do this for a month now).

* our hot-tub ~ it’s such a good way for our family to connect.

* tacos for dinner!

* a Boston Cream donut for dessert.

*  a lovely (though LONG) walk with my boys and dog through the woods.

* knowing that my current dissatisfaction is a result of an imbalance of ME-time in my life and being quite motivated to DO something about this!

* Sleep, sleep, LOVELY sleep!

Okay that’s all I got, but it’s not a bad list for a Mrs. Grumpy-Gills. What about you? What little blessings are you grateful for?

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