Some may think I am crazy for sticking with my current job for over 7 years because I commute pretty close to an hour each way but in all honesty, now that I have children, the long commute is a blessing in disguise.  It takes 10 minutes or so to get to daycare and then I have 45 minutes all to myself in the mornings and afternoons on work days with the caveat that I am stuck behind the wheel.

For me, the drive is not bad.  I stop and grab a Dunkin’ coffee.  I listen to the news and am actually able to hear what is being said (holy cow!), or I listen to music really LOUD.  I am alone with my thoughts and it is really nice.  On the way home, I call my mom and chat with her without having to stop mid-conversation to say, “Hey, don’t do that!” or feel tiny hands and fingers pulling on my pant legs.  I also am able to stop and run into the store without it being a toddler-in-tow escapade.  Not that an outing to the store with my girls is not completely doable but it is not top on my list of things I want to do after spending a day in the office.

I love my kids more than life itself but I need some alone time to keep my sanity and I’ll take it however I can get it, even if it’s on the road.  So right now, my commute is a luxury and I’ll keep it thank you.

Anyone else enjoy their commute?

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