Although you may not agree with everything I do or say, the most important thing to remember that we as mothers have our children’s best interests at heart which connects us all in one way or another! So… without further ado… here’s a little glimpse of “ME”:

  • I had a c-section with my first daughter Caroline. Looking back I feel like my doctor scared me into it because of her size and I wish that despite how miserable I was at the end of my pregnancy I had held off and tried to deliver naturally.


  • I am hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with my next daughter (due May 12). I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty nervous about it (the pain, risk of tearing, etc) but also really hoping this happens by my due date because (and I just found this out) I will HAVE TO have a c-section if my daughter decides to make a late appearance.


  • I lasted about 5 weeks nursing Caroline and almost had a mental breakdown before switching to formula. This time around I am going to nurse for much longer (especially with the help of a great breast pump lent to me by a friend)!


  • I suffered from, and was treated for, postpartum depression after Caroline was born which I spoke about in my Dirty Little Secret post. I am fearful of going through that again with this upcoming birth. It put a big strain on my marriage and I felt so disconnected from everyone and everything. It especially hurt to feel so disconnected from Caroline. I do NOT want to deal with it again!


  • There are some…ok many…nights I am so excited when it reaches 7:30 pm (aka my daughter’s usual bedtime). I LOVE MY DAUGHTER and I really enjoy spending time with her but having some ME time to do things like work on my jewelry/artwork (and spend some time with my husband too of course) helps to rejuvenate me!


  • I hate to cook. My husband is much better at it than I am. If I won the lottery I would hire a personal chef without any hesitation! I’m working on it though and have found inspiration through pinterest (collecting and trying quick easy recipes). I am growing to respect, and LOVE, the crockpot. What a fabulous invention!


  • I rarely buy organic… Although we gave Caroline organic whole milk when she could start drinking milk. Once she turned two she started drinking the same milk as us. I do make sure to buy organic apple juice though. It’s not that I’m opposed to buying organic, I pretty much just can’t afford to!


  • I am scared to go from one child to two. The biggest comfort is knowing that so many women before me have done it. I find myself thinking, “if they could do it than so can I.”


  • I am not very good at cleaning. It usually only happens before I have company over.


  • My faith is very important to my (and my husband). We try to bring Caroline to church every Sunday (although she usually just goes to the nursery with the other children right now). I am really hoping she will have a strong faith in God as she grows older and will take pride in her religion as well.


  • I am SOOO thankful that I married a man who is such a wonderful father! I love watching him play and interact with Caroline. There are nights that he is putting her to bed that I secretly turn on the video monitor and just watch him read to her and say a goodnight prayer. It melts my heart!


  • I am proud of the fact that I am a working mom although I respect stay at home moms so much! Honestly, if we could afford to live on just my husband’s income, I would be a stay at home mom myself.


  • I love my family!



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