I’m passing along the note and photo below on behalf of our blogger Carly who usually writes this column. She isn’t able to write today because, well, she just had a baby!

“Hi everyone! This week’s post is a little different. It is not a how-to but really more of an example of something I created (along with my husband!)

Emma Grace Corrigan was born May 3, 2012 at 9:17pm weighing in at 8.1 oz & measuring 20 inches. I won’t include the step by step instructions on how my little miracle was created <wink wink> but I will provide you with a list of some key “materials” that prove to be quite helpful before, during & after you receive your creation:
1. Love
2. Support
3. Love
4. Encouragement
5. Love
6. Creativity
7. Love
8. Honesty

It is amazing because when you put those ingredients together you have ctworkingmoms.com!

See you back here next Saturday for a more traditional Create it Saturday craft idea!”

Love, Carly

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