Hello Beautiful Mamas! Blogging here has been a fantastic experience for me ~ especially getting to know my fellow bloggers through the “Day-in-the-Life” series and the “This-is Me” series. I’m not really a working mom, in the fact that I stay home with my children and homeschool them and only work a bit at naptimes (of course we all know this IS work, but not in the typical working mom sense of the phrase). I have to say that I have been very inspired by the working moms here, and even at times envious, as reading through your daily lives has shown me some areas where you have the balance I’ve been craving.

I’ve been a little envious of the fact that if you’re sick, you can still bring your child to daycare and have a day to yourself in bed (yes, VERY envious of this, to be honest!). There was a time when some of you took off work on a Friday to go to a movie and then lunch and I was thinking how lucky you are to be able to do this. Reading of times where children have spent the night at their grandparents house is another one that makes me yearn, as hubby’s and my family are both in Maine.

For over seven years now I’ve been with my children all day, everyday. And while I really would never trade this for anything, I’ve been realizing lately that I need more balance ~ more me-time, more hubby time, more time WITHOUT children. I don’t have a daycare, or grandparents near by, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find more freedom somehow! And I’ve already started.

This past Saturday night hubby and I had our first date (without baby) in 9 months. My sweet baby Kai is only 8 months old and I’ve never left any of my babies that soon with anyone other than Papa….but thanks to being inspired by my beloved CT working moms, I KNEW it was possible! Even though this may not seem like a big deal to some, it was a LARGE leap for me. But I felt ready. Indeed, I believe my whole family felt ready. So we had our favorite sitter over and after some quick instructions (she’d never sat for a baby that young before) hubby and I left.


There were a couple of phone calls and some texts where we thought we may have to leave early because Kai was upset, but I just told her some tricks to try and they worked! Hubby and I even ended up staying out later than we had planned and it felt SO GOOD to connect with just HIM again and have an uninterrupted conversation over many glasses of wine. It was just what we needed.

When we came home everyone was happily playing (we came home before bedtime as no one else but hubby and me have EVER done bedtime for the boys) and we all celebrated the night being a success all around.

It was a good first step for us.

And now we’re making bigger plans. Baby is about to wake up so I’ll have to save those plans for  a later post. But we’re making our world BIGGER. We’re making the world BIGGER for our children and allowing other people to support us. It feels good. It feels really good. And I know it’s already benefiting everyone.

So that is my Magic for this Monday ~ Finding more freedom thanks to being a part of CT working moms. Thank you, Dear Sisters. I love you! ♥


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