This is me. (Sarah Bernhardson).

1. I have eaten, or am prepared to eat, almost every word I’ve ever spoken about motherhood.

2. Related to #1, I sometimes allow Nate to eat things I swore my kids would never eat…donut holes, artificially colored popsicles, greasy take-out pizza, chicken nuggets with a gallon of ketchup…ugh.

3. Even more horrifying, my almost 1 year old has tried, and loved, a donut hole.

4. …Generally though, I try to feed my kids healthy, organic foods.

5. I nursed Nate for 16 months, but I am counting the days until Joshua is 1 and I can finally be done nursing. I am sick of it. I want to wear sundresses and not have to think “can I nurse in this?” every morning when I get dressed.

6. Nate has an elaborate “baby’s first year” scrapbook…Joshua has nothing. Nada. Squat. Barely even a printed photograph. I plan to rectify this during the summer. I am ashamed.

7. I could never do cry-it-out. I tried with both boys out of desperation, and I caved both times. It didn’t feel right to me, and I couldn’t own it, so I am still getting up a couple of times a night with Joshua (almost 1).

8. Nate is an amazing sleeper at 3 years old which gives me hope for Joshua. He sleeps in his own bed, goes to sleep on his own, and wakes up happy.

9. I recently finished grad school, and I really miss having my own non-kid related life.

10. I am thrilled to start applying for jobs and actually use the degree I worked so hard for.

11. I live in fear of gaps in my resume.

12. It’s important to me that my boys see me as someone with a career and life outside of the home.

13. Being home full-time since finishing school has made me go almost completely insane.

14. I wish I lived at the beach.

15. I wish I had a frozen margarita.

16. I wish I could get the motivation to get back into shape so I wouldn’t be a mess at said beach with said margarita.

17. I always thought I wanted 4 kids…until I had one and realized how much WORK they are!!!

18. I am excited for my 1 year old to become more of a toddler and less of a baby.

19. I really think toddlers are more fun that babies. Babies stress me out.

20. I want my boys to be able to cook their own food, clean up their own messes, and pursue anything that they’re interested in.

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