This time three years ago, my husband and I were spending our first spring in our first home and I was hugely pregnant with our first baby.

I’m not sure what I was expecting for Mother’s Day — I wasn’t even sure if I was considered a mom yet. (I have since come to the conclusion that: YES, pregnant women are moms. THE END.)

We woke up early and Tom said he had a day planned for me. He took me to brunch (Hi, he could’ve stopped there. I love brunch. So much. So VERY MUCH.) and then we headed to a local nursery where he told me to go crazy.

A little backstory on me: My family didn’t have very much money when I was growing up. I’ve lived in small apartments almost my whole life. When Tom and I purchased our house, I was so overwhelmed. A house. Walls we can paint! A yard we can plant things in!

I spent over two hours carefully examining plants, herbs and flowers for my new yard. He followed me around with a wagon and put everything I chose on it without a peep. Flower pots for the front step, hangers for the deck, petunias for the window boxes, some for his mom, some for my sister. I was in heaven.

Finally, my wagon was full and my feet were swollen. I happily began waddling my way toward the cashier and he told me we needed to make one last stop. He walked me over to the shrubs and bushes and chose a little lilac bush for our yard. It was my gift from our baby.

Now, this is sweet no matter what, but for me? Well. My own mother died suddenly in February of 2006. Her favorite flowers were lilacs.

And Tom remembered. He remembered how hard it was for me to celebrate this day without her. He remembered how much more I missed her now that I was about to become a mother myself. He remembered the lilacs.

And today, I want to thank HIM, even though it’s almost Mother’s Day, for being an incredible partner in this life of mine. For loving me and our girls so much. For being an incredible role model for them. Good men can be strong, work hard, and be brave — he is. But he is also patient, forgiving, tolerant, empathetic and loving. He teaches them soccer and lets them wear princess dresses. Mud puddles and tea parties.

He forgets things all the time: where his phone is, where the DISHWASHER IS, how to close the fridge… but when it counts, he remembers.

He always does. And I love him for it.

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