Do it Yourself: Chalkboard

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Do it Yourself: Chalkboard


My daughter loves to play with sidewalk chalk and I have wanted to buy a chalkboard for her to play with indoors as well. Then the greatest thing happened! My sister-in-law (who is a fabulous artist) offered to lend me some of her chalkboard paint that she had used in a piece of her artwork that she had in a recent art show! So at first I was going to just use a piece of plain wood and paint it with the chalkboard paint to create a basic chalkboard… but then I had a much more creative idea (or so I think anyway) during the middle of the night while nursing my week old newborn (this is how most mommy’s brains work)! So instead of a simple piece of wood, I pulled out an old clipboard that I held on to from my teaching days and decided I could make a clipboard with that which would not only be fun to use, but could also be an educational tool as well!

This is what you will need:

1. Chalkboard paint…or if you are feeling extra creative you can make your own chalkboard paint like I found on this site.

2. Clipboard

3. Paintbrush



All I did was paint the clipboard (up to the silver clip) with two coats of the chalkboard paint (letting it dry for about 20 minutes in between coats).


Now for the educational piece… I thought it might be a neat idea to make use of the clip portion of this chalkboard by creating a basic (very basic) little guide that a child could use to practice numbers, letters, shapes or anything else you can think of! Here is an example of mine:

I just folded a piece of plain paper into three sections and on the right side of each section I created a little practice guide that can be used with the chalkboard. This is my example (and no this is not the work of my two year old… yet! But I think this will definitely make learning fun)!


Happy Creating!!!



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