Let’s start a revolution, baby!

So, I recently decided that when any of my friends/family are celebrating the birthdays of their children, I will always make a point to wish the momma Happy “Birth” Day. Of course, birthday’s are more generally thought of as celebrations surrounding the person who was birthed instead of the birthee (whoa I think I made up a word) but right here on the blog we recently started questioning that practice. While I still believe that birthdays should celebrate our children, I also think we should acknowledge the incredible contributions of mommas.

If a momma has a biological child, she carries that child in her body for 10 months. If that same momma is a working-momma, she not only does her best to nourish her developing baby, she also somehow juggles going to work and being pregnant (and puking in the bathroom, or like myself, needing to lay on a cot during work hours to alleviate the pain of a bruised rib – no I’m not kidding).

Then mommas do something absolutely incredible, we GIVE BIRTH to our children. Sometimes births go smoothly, sometimes they don’t. No matter what though, giving birth is a huge accomplishment and many moms will tell you it’s their greatest accomplishment. Moms DESERVE a little celebration because hey, it’s our “birth” day too.

Here’s a fun image that you are free to share via facebook whenever someone you know is celebrating the birthday of their child. Have fun and thanks in advance for appreciating the mommas in your life!

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