Hello Gorgeous Mamas! On this Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* a super-fun visit to the Frog Pond yesterday where my little boys and I caught 3 tadpoles. We brought them home to their new little ponds in our garden and we’ve been checking on them ever since. I’m especially grateful to see my 7 year old’s passion for tadpoles and frogs rekindled. Two summers ago it was the “Summer of Frogs” and it was so much fun for all of us. I’m giddy to be in the energy again!

* My hubby coming home yesterday evening after being gone overnight for a race. It was SO LOVELY being reunited! ā™„

* Our deck is starting to look BEAUTIFUL again with all our pots of flowers and vegetables and fairy decorations. I got everything in order this weekend and I’m LOVING going out there any time of day or night. With the flowers on my deck I feel that FAMILY has returned!

* Interesting and fun dreams last night.

* My whole family slept in an extra HOUR this morning. This is HUGE!

* Hubby is taking the day off today to hang out with us!

* a BEAUTIFUL morning spent outside pulling weeds, looking for our tadpoles, and enjoying the warm sunshine before the rain comes.

What are YOU grateful for this Magical Monday?

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