I have a potty mouth, a bad one. I usually sound like a sailor who drank too much and has been living at sea around a bunch of uncivilized people for years. I do not speak like this at work but most time outside of work I will drop an “F” bomb here or there and other expletives.

The weird thing is it is not in a angry fashion or even during a fight. It is just the way I talk. I have no clue where or how this came about since my parents did not swear ever in front of us, or at least not till I was old enough to realize (around 16-17) that shit was about the hit the fan. You knew something was a big deal if my parents swore.

So this is where my dilemma begins. I was playing with Maximus yesterday and I heard myself swear and realized very soon that he will start mimicking me. I do not want his first word to be “crap” or “bitch” but rather Mommy.

This got me thinking even further, that a majority of my conversations with my husband are not suitable for children, whether it is a discussion about work “That crazy asshole client….” or life “Look at my fat ass, it’s taking up the whole state” will no longer be allowed.

I will either have to change my way of speaking or not speak at all (which I am sure would make my hubby smile). I will probably have to start a swear cup or get a spanking for every bad word (Hmmm that could be good. Sorry reading Fifty Shades right now). Since it has been years in the making I am sure it will take a while.

Is “effing” a swear? Maybe I can come up with a new language instead? How did you ladies change this habit or did you just wait till your toddler was calling his poopy “crap”?

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