Welcome to another Magical Monday, Gorgeous Goddesses! Today I’m grateful for:

* the freedom that my whole family has to take a spontaneous trip to the Mystic Aquarium today. We’re all so excited!

* the yummy, yummy fondue my dearest hubby made just for me last night.

* family hot-tubs ~ and knowing there was a total solar eclipse going on as we soaked.

* putting some music this morning to lift my mood, and it worked as my baby and I danced in the kitchen.

* my 2 older boys playing so, so, soooo well together lately!

* my baby who is playing next to me, letting me get the post done (oops, there he goes off exploring again!)

* sitting on our deck enjoying all the flowers, herbs and vegetables that are growing.

* the laughter our family has been having lately! So much fun!

* new adventures.

* YOU!

* this place to share a grateful Magical Monday! 🙂

What are YOU grateful for today?

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